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Australia HM Pharmachine Pty. Ltd.

Australia HM Pharmachine Pty. Ltd.

HM Pharmachine Group was founded in 1999, comprising of Australia HM Pharmachine Pty. Ltd. as head office, HM Pharmachine Swiss GmbH.as technical center,and HM Pharmachine China Ltd., as manufacturing factory. We are an international engineering and manufacturing group,specializing in
& Turn-key Project Solutions of Clean Room System,Water System, Pharmaceutical Machines & Lab Instruments, mainly for Pharmaceutical,Lifesciences,Biotech and Healthcare industries. Because of combining European Technology with Chinese Manufacturing advantage,all of HM machines and project solutions are high cost-effective and reliable with European Standard Quality & Economical Price.

HM Values

More than 20 years’ Professional Experience
Design, Manufacturing & Turnkey Project
One-stop Technical Service
High Quality + Economical Solution
HM Values

you may face or have faced:
- European equipment out of budget; Asian equipment no quality.
- No technical communication, URS not understood or followed up, no quality control.
- No technical and qualification documents, lots of mistake or not details.
- No trouble shooting and maintenance, slow reaction or wrong response, no service.
- Lack of expertized project design ,improper technology,wrong process,low productivity and low quality,not comply with int’ l standards and GMP regulations
- NO project management and professional team,shortage of experience,a lot of missing/mistakea/unqualified/delays,conflicts and mismatching form varioys suppliers,cost a huge extre works and repairs,waste times and materials,nobody responsible for your whole project.

1, High Quality + Economical Solution
HM Australia & Swiss brand
with European technology support can match up your high quality requirements.
HM economical price can provide you better
budget control
HM strict quality control with
ISO 9001 certificate, EU CE certificate
and other qualifications can guarantee you
avoiding any risk
in machine selection or project implementation.

2,Professional Turnkey Project
HM European GMP experts and validation engineers can guide your project and and documents matching up
HM European factory general planning experts can ensure your project not only quality in all aspects,but also cost efficiency,flexibility,expandability and security. HM professional designing and experienced engineering team can support your project
optimal implementation,saving labor,time and cost.

3,One-stop Technical Service
HM Group with worldwide partners can provide your
current technology
of machine,project,validation and production.
HM mechanic and electrical engineers can make custom-made
to match up
User's Requirement Specification (URS)
, and
according to European standard.
HM energetic and professional team can provide you effectively one-stop technical service, from
sample trial testing, FAT, installation & commissioning, SAT, training to documentation & validation.
Australia HM Pharmachine Pty. Ltd.
Australia HM Pharmachine Pty. Ltd.
Australia HM Pharmachine Pty. Ltd.

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